Wagner syndrome can be a nuisance or a burden even. We like to attribute to a better level of care for Wagner patients. A major contribution would be better research and more consultancies between our doctors. That’s what this website is for. That you or your kids can profit sooner from scientific research.

As there are so few of us, most of our doctors are the only one in the region or sometimes in the country that have Wagner patients. With this site they can get in contact with each other, so you can profit of better treatments. It is a good idea to let your doctor know this site is on-line.

But there is more: we like to get a database of patient data. No worries: your name is not involved, it will be purely anonymous. And you can check it on this site that it is!

So in a while you will find on this site a form where you and / or your doctor can fill in details about your condition. The idea is to store these details in a central research lab. On this website you than can find the anonymized facts. These facts can help to decide on better treatments.

what is in it for you?

page last modified Aug 31th 2009

Wagner syndrome


Do you want to chat with other people with Wagner syndrome? You can in the Yahoo group Wagnersyndrome: click here  and join this group that is moderated by us. For now in Dutch and English.