other treatments

In this section we want to introduce alternative treatment.

Not from the hope-you-believe-factory but simple healthy things. Do you have any suggestions, let us know. Please click the icon.


page last modified Mar 26ht 2010

Wagner syndrome


Not only for people with macular degeneration, but also for people with Wagner protecting the optic nerve and the retina can be advisable. iCaps of Alcon says it protects the macula and probably also the optic disc. Other companies are also selling nutriitional supplements for the eyes.

Goji (wolf) berries are a good product also. 15 gram of dried berries per day in yoghurt or muesli is easy to take. Goji berries are nutritional foods with the highest amount of anti-oxidants.

Read more: gojiwolfberry.pdf

dry eyes

People who use a lot of eye drops (glaucoma) are prone to getting dry eyes. Ophthalmologists prescribe artificial tears. A (cheap) alternative is flax seed. Leading ophthalmologists from Wills Eye Hospital advice broken flax seed. 10 gram per day, in yoghurt or muesli. They state that it works for 80% of the people.


On this years ARVO meeting (2010) there will be presented a paper on non-pharma meds for ocular diseases. You can find a preview here.

It is about Ginkgo, grape seed extract, resveratrol, pycnogenol and mirtogenol. nonpharmameds .pdf